You can be a part of our project build by contributing parts, expertise, or by making a monetary donation.

Every part in our restoration project is either donated by one of our project partners, or purchased with funds contributed by an enthusiast like you. The better we can make this build, the bigger the impact we can have on our students’ futures! 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes toward parts for our restoration.

If you’re interested in donating a part, becoming a mentor, or getting involved in some other way Contact Us and we’ll be in touch to talk more!

If you want to donate a specific part click HERE to see our current parts needed list.

Good quality fluids like oil, brake fluid and transmission fluid are the life-blood of any classic car. Your $25 donation will guarantee our project truck will have all the fluids it needs to run smoothly.

Rebuilding an engine requires a long list of new parts. Items like belts, hoses and gaskets all have to be replaced to allow the engine to perform at its best. Your $50 donation will go toward these very important parts.

No hot rod should run hot, and a new electric fan will keep this Chevy truck running cool no matter the conditions. Your $100 donation will go toward this important piece of equipment.

Our truck is being restored from the frame up, and the body restoration will be the first thing everyone will notice! Your $200 donation will go toward paint and other materials needed to make our truck shine.

An upgrade to our truck’s transmission to an SM465 changed this truck from a “3 on the tree” column shifter to a floor shifter. Your $250 donation will allow us to purchase and after market steering column to complete this upgrade by removing the shifter from the column.

This former work truck is being turned into a high performance machine, with a new interior to match. Your $500 donation will go toward upgrading the dashboard controls and reupholstering the bench seat for a more comfortable driving experience.

When the work is complete this will be a top of the line truck. An air conditioning system will match the comfort on the inside with the performance under the hood. Your $1,000 donation will make the purchase of an air conditioning system possible.

No donation is too large or too small to make a difference. The parts needed to complete our project truck range from exterior trim components, to new rocker panels, to speakers for the sound system. Any gift will help purchase these parts.